About Health2.0

Health 2.0 is a network focused on innovations in the delivery of healthcare and health related technology. This network is dedicated to creating a community around Health 2.0 in Belgium, starting in Brussels and Ghent, as part of the international Health 2.0 movement. It's a venue for sharing, discussing, showcasing and developing ideas for how to improve patient care. If you are interested in the intersection of health care and information technology, this is a group for you. Technology enthusiasts, developers, students, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, patients, designers, social workers are welcome.


Do you want to organise a Health2.0 Chapter in other Belgian cities? Great! Contact us or the responsible for the Health2.0 Chapters (sophie@health2con.com)

Check out the international Health2.0 website on www.health2con.com.

Health20 California

   Indu Subaiya, co-founder of Health2.0 (together with Matthew Holt).

Health20 California